The right message, to the right audience, at the right time, through the right media.

Usage of Personalized URLs reinvest marketing with the personal touch absent from many modern business interactions.

We look to expand our marketing services by offering personalized emails and URLs, and total online campaign reporting. From direct mail to targeted email and personalized web pages, we are to help your business adapt to the online landscape — and help you deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive results.


Many tools are available for your integrated campaign and you choose how to arrange the steps and which ones to use in your campaign. Segment your contact database, create personalized offers and send these through direct mail, text message and email to direct your audience to a personalized landing page with unique content of your choice.

Personalized OFFER

Fractional Media can help you create high-impact campaigns by leveraging variable-data printing, broadcast emails, and personalized URLs — for each segment you identify within your contact database. Every campaign is created using a high-level of personalization, ensuring that your contacts receive communications that resonate.


Now that you have your target markets' attention don't just broadcast your message, rather interact with your targeted audience through surveys, promotional offers and interactive media.


Using the powerful reporting tool you can gain valuable insights regarding your campaign and consumer behaviours to assess which tools are performing. Tracking a campaign is easy and enables you to monitor response rates, manage leads, view web traffic, identify market trends and of course measure ROI.

Follow-up Communication

Personalized Thank-You print and/or email that will complete the received offer and will engage the recipient into a more in depth business relationship.


Campaign data can be routed to your in-house CRM database, ensuring that you don't lose track of a single contact or address change.

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