Attract. Interact. React.

Fractional Media gives you the solution you need to Attract, Interact and React more effectively with your audience.

Increase response rates, engage your target market and maintain a unified brand image. By combining personalized print and one to one marketing with the power of personalized email and micro websites you will be able to engage your customers and prospects, increase interaction and drive, monitor and react to results in real time.

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Personalized URLs

A unique online microsite to complement any variable data print document or email campaign. Personalized microsites provide an additional media channel to expand on your marketing message. Usage of Personalized URLs reinvest marketing with the personal touch absent from many modern business interactions.

Tracking & Reporting

We offer are several ways to track receipt and usage of broadcast emails to provide you with the critical information you need to help you improve campaign performance over time. Fractional Media offers you easy-to-read reports that can be accessed through password-protected websites.

Multi-touch Communication

• Initiate a relationship
• Know your customers
• Create "opt-in" prospects
• Repeat and referral business
• Increase brand loyalty

Personalized URLs (Landing Pages)

A custom website is constructed for each individual contact on your list, which can be used to display content, collect additional data, or make a unique offer to each database segment. Collected/updated campaign data is made available for download or routed to your in-house CRM database — giving you a powerful tool for obtaining new information from your contact database.

Data Collection
Measure the Results

Real-time data collection enables you to take advantage of detailed reporting options. View response rates, online / offline sales, website traffic and most importantly — your ROI. Advanced reporting tools make it easy to evaluate the impact of your campaign, and provide you with the insight you need to improve campaign performance over time.

Leads/Sales Generation

Our unique cross-media platform enables you to forward live leads to your sales/marketing personnel. Recipient behaviour can be used to trigger email or SMS messages advising your sales/marketing force of a pending opportunity, and providing all the information needed to close the sale.

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