Restaurant Integrated Marketing Campaign

Smart Phones are the new personal computer, contact manager, entertainment center and mobile communication device all in one.

A QR Code or 2D Barcode can be used to link print to the Web:

• Mobile website
• Contacts (vCards)
• Phone Numbers
• Personalized Microsites (pURLs)
• Personalized Coupons
• Maps

Fractional Media Cross-Media Complete Solutions will enable you to:

Track, measure and improve marketing ROI.
• Increase marketing campaign response rates.
• Integrate offline and online marketing.
• Generate high quality leads faster.
• Gain real-time visibility into marketing campaign results.
• Enable sales team to follow up with a hot lead immediately.
• Create campaigns using personalized URL (pURL), QR code, Email, SMS, and more.

The Project

A restaurant chain wants to gather more information about its clients to segment the marketing efforts by customer types and present them with more relevant messaging and offers. A referral tool will be an important asset. All begins with a simple table topper placed in all locations with a discount offer for scanning a printed QR Code.


• Generate New Business.
• Strengthen Current Customer Relationships.


Limited Resources:
• Smaller Marketing Budget.
• Fewer Resources.
Shrinking Markets:
• Finding New Leads.
• Staying in Touch With Existing.
• Reduced Customer Loyalty.

Our Solution

Cross-Media Marketing
• Create targeted personalized marketing campaigns and easily track, measure, and improve marketing ROI.
A relationship is initiated:
• Restaurant management knows who is visiting their establishment.
• A new channel is created to reach "opt-in" prospects.
• Important information is used for future strategic communications.
• Repeat and referral business increase brand loyalty.


Scanning the QR Code it takes them to a landing page.
To get the discount offer code they are asked to enter the name and email address.

Personalized OFFER

After filling the web form, the clients have instantly access to the discount offer code!


User will receive an confirmation email with an Personalized URL that link to an additional offer.

The Personalized URL contains a survey that will help to define the customer's type. The user is asked to confirm/update the contact information and opt-in to receive more discount by email, text or mail.

Next page the users are invited to double their chances to win by referring a friend.

On Real-Time Reporting

Measure the Results

Real-time data collection enables you to take advantage of detailed reporting options. View response rates, online / offline sales, website traffic and most importantly your ROI. Advanced reporting tools make it easy to evaluate the impact of your campaign, and provide you with the insight you need to improve campaign performance over time.

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